Niraj Kapur

Managing Director, Everybody Works in Sales

“Ariel puts the A in awesome. She has qualities that are vital in business like being easy to talk to and gives excellent advice. She also has rare qualities in business like listening. She doesn’t listen to talk or sell her product, she listens to help you get the best result. I recommend you work with Ariel if you want someone who is genuine, energetic, and is able to think differently yet still offers excellent advice.”

“Ariel is one of the most engaging content creators on LinkedIn, especially in the professional services space. Her 1-1 time gives you an engaging overview of her LinkedIn successful strategies, tips, and tactics that will easily fit into any industry or profile. Plus, she’s never boring and makes it fun and actionable too.”

Michelle Griffin

Personal Branding Strategist & Consultant

Alex Hall

Nutrition AI, Founder

“Ariel’s method to leveraging LinkedIn for business is the kind that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside vs the “slimy and sleazy” method most people preach!

It’s simple, yet ridiculously effective, as it’s based on deep-rooted, human nature.

The prices are a complete steal vs the value you’ll get out so sign up quick before they’re gone!”

“Ariel was my first and only LinkedIn mentor.

I joined LinkedIn with an old-school sales mentality. My strategy was to spam eloquently written sales pitches to relevant prospects and pray they’d care about what I had to say. NOPE.

Thankfully, I had Ariel by my side to answer all my questions and teach me to use LinkedIn properly.

I stopped being the version of myself that I thought I was supposed to be, and I started being my true self; happy, real, caring, wanting to help others, and all while joking and laughing with my network.

I’m grateful to Ariel for giving me so much of her time and energy and helping me to find enjoyment in being on LinkedIn.❤️🙏🏻”

Ilya Lanster

Managing Partner at CODU

RobRoy Chalmers

CCEO (Chief Creative Executive Officer)

“I started chatting with Ariel on LinkedIn the way any good chat there should, by commenting on one of her posts. She almost immediately responded to my comment. I sent a connection request which was reciprocated. While I have only asked Ariel for LinkedIn advice a couple of times the answers she has given have been invaluable for me in honing my presence.

I highly recommend connecting with Ariel whether you are new to LinkedIn or trying to revamp your presence she will be able to help.

Lastly, Ariel practices what she preaches. She is on LinkedIn interacting with her connections. Simply by following her movements you will learn why she is so good at what she does.”

“Ariel doesn’t just talk the talk about engaging on LinkedIn. She shows up every day and walks the walk. So when she started offering the opportunity to learn “how” she does it, I jumped at the chance. If you want to learn how to build engagement on LinkedIn and have fun doing it from one of the coolest people I know, sign up for a session with her today.”

Annette Richmond

Career Storyteller & Confidence Builder

Robert Valle

Senior IT Project Manager

“Ariel Lee is definitely walking a different path on LinkedIn. We live in a world of boring messages and icky cold-pitch DMs (always selling me something I didn’t ask for when I don’t need it).

Her approach to LinkedIn and social selling is refreshing – like a Mint Julep on a summer day. She is extremely knowledgeable about using LinkedIn to build relationships. She offers practical tips and helpful advice on how to make the best of our time on the platform to network, build relationships, and have a little fun. Oh, and for the record she is ANYTHING but boring!”

“From the moment I met with Ariel, I immediately recognized a sincere and passionate professional both in providing unique expertise to her clients and strategies on how to utilize and brand market on LinkedIn with a target network audience and community. She makes her program offerings unique, interesting, and fun all at the same time. She is incredibly supportive of her network and those with who she comes into contact across many different industries, arenas, and backgrounds.

For all of these reasons, I sincerely recommend Ariel for anyone who is seeking advice, guidance, and support in getting started with a new way to leverage LinkedIn. You won’t be disappointed!”

Phillip Davis

Head of Recruiting / Job Search Strategist

Sims Tillirson

Sales Leader & Personal Brand Consultant

“Ariel is truly not just another LinkedIn Coach. Ariel is a person who is in the trenches every day, utilizing her personal brand to be an effective salesperson.

I have had the privilege to listen to Ariel’s group coaching and to have her as a guest speaker on my personal branding show.

If you’re a salesperson (spoiler: we all are) looking to grow your personal brand and attract prospects and new members of your tribe, book time with Ariel now. You won’t regret it.”

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